URA Annual Report

Summary reports for FY 16 showing the proposal and award activity across the University are attached.  In FY 16, The University of Chicago’s sponsored award total increased by 3.0% to a total of $479.1 million. This total reflects awards received from all sponsors including Federal agencies, state and local governments, corporations and foundations. Federal awards however declined by 3.0% across the University to a total of $316 million. The decrease was primarily due to a $14 million decline in NIH awards from the previous year. 

Proposal volume reached 2,400 proposals submitted during FY 16.  This total is consistent with proposal activity over the past four years.

Please remember that gifts, endowments, and contributions from alumni and friends of the University are not administered through URA and are not included in the data.  Any questions related to this data can be directed to me at mrludwig@uchicago.edu or by phone at 28604.