URA Proposal Review Requirements

URA Support During Proposal Development

Your URA Pre-Award Manager is an excellent resource during proposal development. Contact your assigned Manager once you are aware a proposal will be submitted. We would like to collaborate with you and support you through the proposal development process, allowing the PI to focus solely on the research components of the proposal submission.

URA Full Institutional Review Deadline

Complete proposal submitted to URA will receive a full institutional review and comments will be sent to the Departmental Administrator and Principal Investigator. It is our goal to provide comments to the Department within 48 hours of proposal receipt.

Required Proposal Components for Routing Proposal to URA for Full Review & Endorsement

The following components are required for full review and endorsement. These requirements pertain to both the AURA Funding Proposal itself and to the agency application. Prior to routing the proposal, please ensure completeness of the COI Assurance, PI eligibility, and NIH Certification Statement (when applicable).

In Final Form for Review:

When you engage Pre-Award early in the proposal development process, we are able to perform a pre-review throughout that process. For proposals being sent in final form for URA review without prior Pre-Award involvement, the following components should be forwarded to your Pre-Award Manager:


Budget Justification

All Subrecipient Documents

Cross-Departmental Request and/or Approval

Unit Cost Share Request and/or Approval

Application Guidelines

Prior Faculty Correspondence with Sponsor, pertaining to this submission

Unit Commitment (level of effort, resources, etc.)

All Human Subjects Sections, if applicable

All Vertebrate Animal Sections, if applicable

All protocol related requirements, if applicable

Agency-Specific Assurances and Certification, if applicable

In Draft Form Only:

The following components may be submitted in draft form for review in order to give the Principal Investigator the maximum time available to work on his/her research component of the proposal submission:

Project Abstract/Project Summary

Research Strategy/Project Description

References Cited

Current and Pending Support Documents

Required Biographical Sketches

Other Required Components Specific to your Submission

  • Postdoctoral Mentoring Plan
  • Data Management Plan
  • Letters of Support
  • Facilities Documents