URA Review and Endorsement

For purposes of this policy, a “business day” is the standard University administrative work day (9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.), excluding University holidays. The application Submission Deadline is the date/time the Department/Principal Investigator requests the proposal be submitted by the University, whether that is an electronic submission by URA or mail postmark, shipping by FedEX, UPS or other commercial carrier. This date may be in advance of the actual sponsor deadline.

URA Full Institutional Review Deadline

Complete proposals submitted to URA 4 FULL BUSINESS DAYS in advance of the Submission Deadline will receive a Full Institutional Review by the URA Grant & Contract Managers. Review criteria will be based on the “AURA Proposal Review Requirements” and comments will be sent to the Department Administrator and Principal Investigator.

See “URA Proposal Review Requirements” for items required by URA for a Full Institutional Review

On simple research project proposals eligible for a Full Institutional Review, URA will make every effort to provide comments to the Department within 48 hours of proposal receipt. Complex projects (ie: Program Projects, Cooperative Agreements, MTAs, Clinical Trials, proposals with multiple subrecipients or a foreign component) are excluded from the 48 hour turnaround as these applications require additional review time and constitute higher institutional risk. However URA will make every effort to provide comments by COB the day before the sponsor deadline in an effort to allow department’s sufficient time to prepare for submission to the agency.

Proposals submitted to URA LESS THAN 4 FULL BUSINESS DAYS before the Submission Deadline will receive Contingent Endorsement. The Contingent Calculator may be used to determine appropriate submission deadlines to URA.

Contingent Proposals/Endorsement

When a proposal arrives at URA less than 4 full business days before the Submission Deadline, it will be given only a cursory examination. URA Grant & Contract Mangers will confirm the following items:

  • Declarations of the PI(s) including a current COI Assurance
  • Inclusion of some effort for the PI(s) on research proposals
  • Use of the appropriate indirect cost rate
  • Fully signed face page or indication of commitment for any subawards or consultants included in the proposal

Given the above conditions meet institutional policies, the proposal will be routed to the appropriate signing official for Institutional Endorsement and the proposal will be made open for changes.

However, additional comments may be provided, time permitting, and Departments are expected to make any requested changes before submitting the final application. These additional comments (if any) will not delay endorsement.

Please note, if terms and conditions contrary to University policy are found upon review after submission, the proposal may be withdrawn, or the acceptance of an award may require the removal or modification of any troublesome clause(s) and/or satisfactory resolution of deviations from University or sponsor policies.

For Contingent Proposals, URA will make every effort to provide Contingent Endorsement by COB the day before the Submission Deadline in an effort to allow department’s sufficient time to prepare for submission to the agency.